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Welcome to our new tenant: Wiertz Company

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It was only recently that Wiertz Company made its entrance into The Rise. This all-round HR service provider, specialized in connecting people, was founded in 1997. The company evolved into an organization with over 120 employees. Nils Woudhuizen, Commercial Manager, shares an insight into Wiertz Company and their choice for locating one of their offices in The Rise.   


The foundation of Wiertz Company is built on the Rhenish model. Nils: “We believe in the power of long-term thinking and sustainable relationships, with both our customers and employees. The decisions we take are therefore based on long-term goals. We keep an eye on continuity, with the autonomy of the employees being paramount.” Engagement³ is what they call this at Wiertz Company. “We invest lots of energy into having happy employees, temporary workers and customers.”    


Wiertz Company works with various pillars called ‘Solutions’. One of these pillars is the temporary employment sector. Nils: “For example, when we work with jobseekers, our solutions are subdivided into recruitment & selection, secondment, temporary employment and payroll. We also have In-house solutions for larger corporations, where there is a need and necessity for Wiertz Company to be physically present from time to time. Part of this solution is for us to interact directly in the workplace with our customer and temporary workers.”   

According to the law 

Two other important pillars are International Solutions and Legal Solutions. The first pillar is focusing on labor immigrants. Nils: “We have offices in Germany and Poland which recruit people from Eastern Europe. The contracts are always arranged in combination with good accommodation, for which we are SNF certified.” Legal Solutions offers an answer to any legal advice needs, often subscription based. Nils: “Also, we offer these corporations the opportunity to deploy lawyers on a project basis, for example with regard to rental agreements or employment issues.”   

Top 10 

Wiertz Company services companies of all shapes and sizes, offering teams from 1 to 200 people. Nils: “Every day, we deploy our 4000 temporary workers from our various locations throughout The Netherlands and online.” The aim is to establish Wiertz Company across the country. “In 2020 we set a goal to be placed within the top 10 of recruitment companies in The Netherlands within 10 years.” The opening of the branch in The Rise on December 1, 2020 is part of this plan.    


The decision to move to Tilburg was straightforward, according to Nils: “Tilburg and its surroundings is the number one hotspot for logistics. Of course, we want to be right in the middle of this.” In the search for a location, it was not important for Wiertz Company to be located in the center of the city. “The place however had to be visible and ensure recognition. Our CFO tipped us off about this prominent location right next to the A58 Motorway. That same day I called Boas; and we scheduled a viewing the day after.”   

Full of energy  

Nils and his team are very satisfied with The Rise. “The combination of architecture, interior, the price and flexibility of Somerset are appealing. The charm of The Rise lies in the presence of Prins Heerlijk and the inclusion of local talent in the interior design.” The third floor also meets the requirements. Nils: “The offices look beautiful and the floor is buzzing with energy from entrepreneurs. It is the best place to make a start, perhaps leading to the possibility of covering an entire floor with Wiertz Company in the future.”   

High level ambition  

Wiertz Company is visually present when you enter Tilburg by car from Breda. Nils: “An enormous flatscreen advertisement indicates we are here, in the building and in Tilburg.” The plans are to increase the visibility of Wiertz Company around the country. Nils: “The energy that prevails within our company is entrepreneurial, we have a high level of ambition and drive to reach the top. The big boys should watch their back, Wiertz Company is coming.”

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