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We welcome our new tenant: Rolande

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Rolande believes in the pushback of the fossil age. The company started in 2019 in Tilburg, with the goal of making heavy road transport more sustainable. Rolande does this by supplying LNG - Liquid Natural Gas – and bio-LNG for the transportation sector. Currently, the company operates with thirteen stations in The Netherlands, four in Germany and two in Belgium. Their aim is to open ten new stations in Germany this year. At the start of 2021, Rolande settled in The Rise: a good reason to get acquainted with this innovative company.

European network

Rolande operates nineteen gas stations. Transportation companies as well as shipping companies, such as PostNL and Albert Heijn are their customers. “We believe diesel is finite for trucks and there should be an alternative for transport companies”, says Leila Mulder, marketing director at Rolande. “At the moment LNG is the most sustainable and economically viable alternative: driving on LNG is no more expensive than diesel, sometimes even cheaper. We now make the steps towards Bio-LNG, a non-fossil fuel with which the CO2 emission can be reduced with up to 99.8%.”  Rolande is working on a comprehensive European network for LNG, together with their partners.

Connection with Tilburg

One of the reasons Rolande settled in The Rise, is because of its connection with the city. Leila: “Most of our employees live in the region, even though we are active throughout three countries.” Currently, almost 30 people work at Rolande, but there is a prospect of significant expansion in the future. “We are investing in new employees”, explains Leila. “Our office in The Rise is currently being used optimally, but is also designed for growth.”

“Our office is designed for growth” - Leila Mulder

Good spot

Until recently, Rolande was located in another building on the Hub van Doorneweg. Leila: “The building no longer matched our ambition and what we stand for as an organization. We started looking for another sustainable office space that would better suit our ambitions. After a few viewings, we ended up at The Rise.” The reactions of the employees to the building are very positive. Leila: “We want to offer our employees a good, pleasant and inspirational working spot where they love to come. We call it 'the home Rolande' for a reason. Also, the location of the Rise is convenient and easy to reach.”


Rolande’s office is located on the seventh floor of The Rise. Leila: “In addition to a beautiful view, we have all kinds of in-house facilities such as meeting rooms and a coffee corner with sofas. We’ve been given the opportunity to put our own mark on the department and will soon be doing so with our own physical branding.” The previous office of Rolande consisted of small spaces and the employees worked in their own offices. Leila: “Now, we have one large open space, with two meeting rooms in the middle. The feeling of togetherness prevails, which is important to us as an organization. Because together we’re building a sustainable future.”

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