The sharks are approaching

Welcome to our new tenant: Techsharks

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The sharks are approaching: recently Techsharks joined the 2nd floor of The Rise. This Eindhoven based company, with branches all over The Netherlands, is located in Tilburg for quite some time already. In the Fabriekstraat to be exact. Erik Oers, teamleader process industry, talks about the company, moving and their choice for The Rise. 

Team of four 

“We detach technicians”, that is Techsharks in short, Erik explains. “We dispatch the technicians who work for us to our clients. Among our technicians are process and machine operators, mechanics and engineers, whom we deploy in the process and production industry.” The people who work in the Techsharks office mostly have a background in commerce and human resources. Erik: “We employ well over 300 people. Four of them work in The Rise.” These employees in The Rise give direction to a group of 30 people in the central region of Brabant. Erik himself is responsible for this region. “I work alongside one recruitment specialist and two commercial account managers.”

Personal needs 

The mission of Techsharks is to operate on a national scale in the next five years. Erik: “We differentiate ourselves from others because we employ our technicians instead of only dispatching them. We hire our employees proactively. After the contract is signed, we look at the personal needs and generate a development plan. Also, we work with long term employments and search for the match with our Techsharks-DNA. This DNA is defined by challenge, development and recognition.”

Walking distance 

Techsharks was in located in the Fabriekstraat near the central train station of Tilburg for over 15 years. Erik: “The owner of our old office building wanted to use the space for his own business, therefore we needed to start looking for a new place. Moving to The Rise was our next step. Bosch, one of our main clients, is just a stone’s throw away from The Rise and the building is easy to reach for our other customers. These things make The Rise a perfect base of operations for us.”

Expand and cooperate

An additional big plus of The Rise for Techsharks is the possibility to rent conference rooms. Erik: “Previously, we rented external conference rooms, but The Rise already has these rooms built in on the ground floor. Besides that, The Rise is a collective building with a lot of opportunities to expand and cooperate. This is very appealing to us.” To introduce the company properly Erik hopes to organize an opening party in The Rise. “It would be fun to get to know other tenants and their companies. Perhaps we will plan a barbecue, which is open to anyone who wants to know more about Techsharks.”

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