Up we go - The story of The Rise

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Today Boas is the ‘general manager’, but also started as the creator of ‘The Rise’ concept. “I guided the process from its first moments. “The foundation of The Rise is based on the idea of giving people the feeling of being in a place where they can be better than yesterday. Everything inside the building is thought through to bring employees into this mindset.” Boas got the idea for his concept after watching the documentary Free Solo from Alex Honnold. He explains: “In the documentary Alex is climbing up to enormous heights without a security-rope to reach the top. This became a metaphor for The Rise: Rise above yourself, up we go!

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Somerset Capital Partners, the real estate owner and investor behind The Rise, noticed the office market was (and is) changing. Boas explains: “It is no longer a matter of ‘just’ renting out a space. Service is a leading factor nowadays. Tenants expect to get heating, internet and a safe to use the elevator, they are triggered to join by a styled lunch area, a gym and the best coffee in town.” The story of The Rise is visualized in the general areas by shapes, furniture, textures and lightning designed by architect Philip Bogaerts. Boas: “The Rise offers a high level of service and is also considering social responsibility by sustaining a highly valued partnership with Prins Heerlijk.”


Prins Heerlijk is a hospitality-focused educational organization offering learning to challenged youngsters. Boas: “The fact that Prins Heerlijk is present in our work environment puts a lot into perspective. It also creates an ecosystem where people with very different goals and challenges are interacting.” The employees also take care of all our plants, something which would otherwise be a very costly project to outsource. Boas: “This shows how we try to create an environment where people and their surrounding enrich each other.”

We want to create an environment where people live their best life whilst working. - Boas


The Rise creates opportunities for every need in modern working-people’s lives: sport, relax, meet, work and eat. Boas: “We want to create an environment where people live their best life whilst working. A place that inspires and energizes individuals and groups. This is one of the reasons why we added a lot of plants to the common spaces in the building.”

One of the favorite area’s in The Rise is Locals, the coffee bar and roastery, according to Boas. “The fact that they roast their own coffee beans here is unique in a European office building. Good coffee is a very important factor for the happiness of employees if we have to believe the research. I think they are right!” Besides coffee there are books to read in the common rooms, a personal trainer at the gym and Amber electric cars to share.


Next to Prins Heerlijk and Locals, Boas is trying to invest into conjunction with other local companies. “This generates a certain level of recognition and trust in The Rise. Hoppenbrouwers is our biggest partner and they for example are friendly obliged to know everybody by their first name.” Besides, Boas hopes to attract companies that in their turn are willing to invest in their employees. “Next to ‘just work’ at The Rise, employees can develop themselves physically, socially and mentally. Companies should de aware of these benefits and be willing to offer their employees such a working environment.”


The past year has been different than expected, but is not necessarily marked as negative by Boas. “We managed to find several tenants. Both large and small. A lot of companies are because of corona forced to rethink their office strategy. Employees should be inspired and able to meet others when they should go to their headquarters. The Rise brings possibilities to create such a workspace.” The grand opening was never celebrated. “Even though we were not able to dwell on this moment, we are thankful for all parties that chose The Rise and are willing to participate in building our community. ASEGA is one of these companies, for us it was a no brainer to commit to an online marketing partnership.”


Boas: “Together with the gym, restaurant, coffee bar, reception and tenants we want to nourish our own little ecosystem. Also, I hope to be able to organize a lot of events in the new year.”

He is considering sport events, lectures and workshops; everything to stimulate physical and mental health. “The Rise should be like a house where roommates meet one another. And in the far future a place that is known as the coolest ‘office-campus’ in Tilburg. In 2022 I want The Rise to be known as thé place to be. A place where people rise above themselves, alone and together.”

In 2022 I want The Rise to be known as thé place to be. A place where people rise above themselves, alone and together. - Boas

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