Rise and shine - GGN is The Rise's newest tenant

GGN's Dorry Burger about working at The Rise

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The Rise has welcomed a new tenant: GGN. It is a national organization of bailiffs, which also provides debt collection services. The company moved in on the 4th, 5th and 6th floor on September 1, 2020. Dorry Burger, communication advisor at GGN, talks about the origins of the collaboration.

Renew or move

With 176 employees in Tilburg, most of whom are still at home, GGN has moved within Tilburg from a CZ building to The Rise. Dorry: “The lease for our old building was due to end at the end of this year, so we were faced with the choice: extend or move. We looked at our list of requirements and came to the conclusion that a new building would mean refreshment within the company. In addition, our offices in Amsterdam and Utrecht were merged, which increased the need for a larger office in Tilburg with a view to the future. ” Colleagues from facility management, the location manager and management went looking for a suitable property in Tilburg, they came into contact with The Rise through a brokerage.

Mapping wishes

The benefits for GGN of moving to The Rise were clearly mapped out in advance. Dorry: “It’s a collective building for all kinds of companies, so you’re not isolated, like we were on our previous location. In addition, there are communal areas such as meeting rooms, a coffee bar and lunch facilities. ” She laughs: "There is even a gym in the building, what more could an employee wish for?" The location – right next to the A58 motorway - a bus stop at the front door and the possibility of furnishing and decorating the office spaces were also decisive factors for the move. In addition, GGN had to have its own payment counter, so that people can pay their bills in cash. This is now located on the fifth floor. Dorry: “Without the latter option, we would not have gone for The Rise, but they have contributed a lot in that area. All negotiations went smoothly and the relocation was set in motion at a rapid pace. ”

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There is even a gym in the building, what more could an employee wish for? - Dorry Burgers, GGN

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At the time

The fourth floor of The Rise was already furnished, so GGN could move in here right away. GGN has decorated the fifth and sixth floors to its own taste and corporate style. Tilburg is the largest of GGN's eight locations in The Netherlands. Dorry: “We wanted to have a fresh start, so our colleagues would be happy to come to the office when that happened. It had to be a real meeting place. The Rise really offers this. The appearance of this building is in keeping with this time, or as we often say, it’s completely ‘hip and happening’.”

Good match

So far, there has been no collaboration with other companies located in The Rise, but the intention is there, says Dorry. “It would be nice to be able to work together, because then you can achieve more. In addition, I cannot wait to enjoy a lunch from Prins Heerlijk or a coffee from Locals outside on the terrace in the sun, together with colleagues or relations. It is not without reason that we named our newsletter "Rise & Shine". We really feel the match with the Rise and hope to enjoy working here for years to come. ”

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